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Can anybody see local cash trades outside of london

looking for a cash buyer, but im only finding adverts for london, am i missing something? bank holiday maybe?



Your missing lots…


Mostly common sense.


thats funny considering your still attempting to tar me with your own stupid brush…


hey hwo you there





hey hwo you there

Hello, how’s it going?


if thats what they meant, im pretty sure that would be what they said, guess i’l have to assume its a bank holiday thing, as i have an ignorant yank commenting stupidity and not answering my question…


Well thats not very nice. You shouldn’t just assume he’s a bank advertising he’s on holiday.


Or that he’s from the USA.


case and point, go away ignoramus.. if your not going to answer the original question or even try, your just proving that ignorance further


Not very nice to talk to a new trader like that! He just got here, gotta welcome him into the community.


LOL what you mean like i was? good un that, not


Anyways… its kinda cold here right now, I wish it was warmer.


ignoramus go away…

can anybody see any cash trade adverts not in london please?


You don’t even trade here. Why do you care?


concrete i hope your not referring to me, considering im trying to trade here…



hey hwo you there

have to leave them alone, I’m thinking they must enjoy this now


no camy no enjoyment from me, but i will never back down, especially to an ill educated ignoramus like whatever that is, human or bot, cant really tell


Did you get your bank stuff figured out so you can take bank transfers with no id?


concrete did you miss the 2 day debate about me abandoning my bank accounts? and becoming a cash only trader?





Did you get your bank stuff figured out so you can take bank transfers with no id?

english are an obnoxious lot, I go to the trouble of getting accounts there and they make too many demands.

trying for US now


Did you miss the part where the entire LBC community told you exactly how that would work out for you, then it happened huh. Weird.


Btw I can see local trades outside of London. In my area though.


love story 2.0 D


considering what “community stated” would happen, and what did happen were 2 entirely opposing things shows what you know really dont it concrete, LOVE HOW HELPFUL YOU ALL ARE NOT BEING, NOT A SINGLE 1 OF YOU HAS EVEN ATTEMPTED TO ANSWER A VERY SIMPLE QUESTION


you can type in city after you’ve selected cash trade


not exactly helpful when your not in my country though ehh concrete


Oh we said you would get shut down and you got shut down. Two very different things. Also I answered your question. Yes I see ads outside of London, in my area.


alphito has trades in glasgow, pretty sure thats outside london


ty alpha, still not finding anybody that i can get to (

concrete your not in the country im asking about, dont be another ignoramus. and i did not get shut down, i still have all 4 of my bank accounts, i only have no online access to them, so hmm your 100% wrong as stated… abandoned not closed down but how you chose to interpret that is your own stupidity.

camy yeah i took alphas suggestion of putting in a city and quite a few came up, but none within my travel range unfortunately, woulda thought that searching cash trades for uk would have shown them all, not just the london traders ( london aint even part of the uk, its like the vatican a country all on its own



Don’t forget to add a tl;dr to your long winded post or nobody will read it


tl dr = too late didnt read, why the hell would i say that when i wrote it… not very intelligent are ya


too long, didn’t read. Obviously you aren’t that smart.


now he’s attempting to change age old abbreviations meanings


Anyways. I would love to argue with you about stuff that doesn’t matter but I have work to do. Good luck making money talking int he forums.


not trying to make money, trying to find a local cash buyer to offload some coin to, again how you chose to interpret that is your own problem init


@LT change your location to see other local ads. It’s limited to a max number of ads all closest to you.


ty snow but my location is set to lancashire uk, or was lol. i searched manchester uk and found some traders apparently within 25 miles, but i only have my push bike or shanksies pony for travel. i could accept a bank transfer still, but it would be a pita confirming deposit as no online access means i would have to go to cash machine to confirm it, cash machine about 2 mile away (


and that also leaves me wide open to scammers as i couldn’t show support my bank account transactions if a dispute was needed (


sure, make sure you tell the whole world, so their watching and waiting now


LT is a troll right? There is no way anybody is this stupid.


camy no mate they will have the longest wait ever, i aint as stupid as you lot like to make out, funny how you all mark it spam so i can not comment, but you lot can unmark spam and continue it ehhh

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