The Pantomime that is the U.S. Elections

Originally published 20/10/2016 11:05

Anybody want to hazard a guess as to why American politics is such a massive pantomime? well here you go, the logical explanation can only be something along the lines of, they can not divide and rule, without your support for 1 of the criminals, think about it, if none of you showed any interest, and they televise empty rallies, where is the guberments standing? Its none existent without your support, and look at the slaves worshipping their chosen masters, your all fools. We will never gain anarchy while you lot are voting for new masters, are you not capable of leading yourself? either way I am, and I’m by far a singularity, mark these words, I will see anarchy in my life time, weather you do is your choice, but if you chose slavery don’t be surprised when you are extorted 😉

Also for the English that are against the monarchy, the yank republic pantomime system is the alternative, do you really want that stupidity in Westminster? if you do you seriously need to grow a brain cell or 2, I have always hated the monarchy, yet I’m not stupid enough to exchange it for the yank republic pantomime system, not now not ever.

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