7.8 billion people on the planet, a matter of perception.

Originally published 10/11/2016 13:19

Today I’m having a vent about people and their perceptions, what they think and how it actually is in real life…

So I was recently told that my desire for free society, without any methods of trade or stores of value, was an act of aggression against the money they believe they have worked for, when the reality is that was their reward for volunteering them selves into slavery, isn’t it funny how they don’t see that them wanting to use these concepts are an act of aggression against me and every other man on the planet who knows and believes that the earth provides all our needs for free. It is not my fault a bunch of parasites have been allowed the ability to control those free resources, nor is it my fault that people are so weak they believe they need this worthless thin air creation, humans are the only species upon the entire planet who pay to exist, it is time for a change, it is time to get rid of the tool of your enslavement. I will never bow, I will never submit to somebody else’s will, even at gun point, my attitude will be “shoot me you prick” they will not force me to do anything I do not wish, I know I am not the only man on the planet with a back bone, so where the fuck are my equals, where the fuck are the warriors, they need to make them selves known and soon, tricky is not going to tolerate much more of witnessing humanities demise at the hands of voluntary servitude.

What can they honestly do if we all refuse to pay them, fuck all is the reply, yes they have army’s, yes they have old bill, but what will they do to force our hands, kill us, yeah OK then what do they do then?, these retards are trained extortionists and violent dickheads, once they have killed us all off, how long will they last, army retards and police scum are not gardeners nor are they farmers, so that is a pointless option, what else can they do? fuck all if you all say no go fuck yourself.

It’s time you learned you are god, its time you learned that you are guberment, its long overdue that you close down these defined terrorist scum bags who are only alive because you idiots fund their lives via taxation. If you keep funding them do you know what comes next, what comes next is a form of communism, yeah we may all be equal, but there will still be a class system, there will still be us and them, we will have the right to do as we are told or get shot, they will be able to do what ever the hell they like, you sorry shitbags gave up your tools of self defence against the terrorists you employ. If something does not give and soon, civil war will ensue, the people have had enough, we are the most expensive country to live in on the planet, yet we are also one of the smallest countries on the planet, how does that work? it works because you retards allow it, tricky says no fucking more, enough is enough, the concept of value and guberment are outdated, there is only so many times anything can be repaired before they become beyond economical repair, this is where we are at, guberment and the entire system of finance is beyond economical repair and its time for it to be replaced, yes I accept nobody likes change me included but we need a change, we can not go on funding the mistakes of these guberment terrorists nor can we continue to keep them immune from prosecution, they need holding accountable, they need putting on trial for the real crime of new age slavery. But will you head this warning? the choice is yours, take away their power and be free and truly equal, or keep funding their repairs and remain enslaved, I know my choice make yours wisely. If only 10% of the global populous work and have jobs, that tells me 90% of them are poor and will likely think my way, it is only a matter of time before the people start to react, and when they do they wont have a clue so get organised is my best advice, work together and get rid of these terrorists from our lands, before you become an illegal immigrant upon somebody else’s property, because you didn’t stop the sale of your public land while you had the chance.

I appreciate my perspective is 1 out of 7.8 billion perspectives, but I don’t care I’m right and I will never back down on this, if it gets me shot it gives me what I want, off this shitty planet away from retarded slaves who simply just don’t know any better, win win for me either way, I also win if you effect this change, as you remove the shitty and slave elements from the planet, I may actually wish to be here once these retarded concepts are gone, I may even wilfully contribute to society, but I will do it my way, some people will think I would be harming society, and others will know the truth. Technologically we have gone about as far as we can, we just need to re-purpose some automation, like the car building automation, we don’t need more cars, there are more in existence parked up rotting than there are people to drive the things, we need automated farms, we need food grown and delivered automatically, we need clean water automating, we need many things, but we must start with automated farming, once food is abundant humanity will progress, we will not progress while we are throwing away good food because people can not afford to buy it, yes I am aware legislation has been passed to stop food going to waste but its all guberment related companies dealing with it, stop giving away your responsibilities because they have made it easy for you to do so, stop thinking is it legal when you should be asking if it is right, you all know right from wrong, and you all know what slavery is, you just refuse to see the correlation, this is because cognitive dissonance and Stockholm syndrome, like it or lump it but that is fact, and facts do not care about your mere opinion.

End of the day guberment are terrorists by definition, taking a leaf out the american book, I will not fund, nor will I negotiate with terrorists, neither should you, but you have your own consciences to deal with, mine is clear.


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