Brexit and Article 50 Fuckery

Originally published 03/11/2016 10:47 Who the fuck do these treasonous cunts think they are? has nobody educated them on the law of the land / common law, we legitimise public notices by way of newspaper publication, on June the 24th 90% of global newspapers front paged our notice and intent, June the 24th is independence day and will be celebrated, street parties the lot, this is our country, are you going to sit back and watch a bunch of parasites steal it from us??? be as loud as you can be over this, that vile splittass does not represent me or my country, I did not vote for the horror neither did any of you lot, so why are idiots giving her status and putting her on a pedestal when it should be hung along with the rest of the terrorists who want to control us!!!!!

As for negotiations, we want FREE free trade with no tariffs, we do not want free movement of people or labour, ohh and that 906 billion by 2020 needs reducing big time, they are getting fuck all else from the good people of England, if they don’t like it, lets just see how they manage when we stop buying shitty german motors, as for legislation to effect article 50 are these treasonous cunts for real, we left to get rid of the massive amount of EU dictated legislation, we want rid of that too, a return to the common law, coppers put back on their oaths, the people are getting rhilled its only a matter of time before civil war ensues, ohh and tricky stays in retirement until we are free from the EU cesspit entirely, I will not fund nor will I negotiate with terrorists!!!! 😛

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