Curriculum Vitae and the whole stupidity behind the concept of a C.V.

Originally published 07/11/2016 11:51

Isn’t it funny how employers say they desire honest trustworthy individuals, yet in the same breath ask the potential employee to be dishonest by asking for a C.V. are these potential employers stuck in the 1600’s or something, this is the 21st century, and a C.V. is a tailored document, written to only impress a certain potential employer, this is dishonest in my book, and is also counter intuitive, you are not going to find honest individuals who have such a thing called a C.V. this is how absurd the world has become, to show that you are honest, you have to be dishonest, or at the very least economical with the truth. The mind boggles it really does, you would think they would have an air of decency about them by saying ” I’m sorry but we are not taking on at the moment”, but no, they fob you off with the absurdity of requesting a C.V. I could see the merit of creative writing if you were attempting to become a journalist for example, but 99% of jobs do not require the ability to be creative with writing, they are literally asking you to demonstrate how you are over qualified for the positions available, its utter madness is what it is, personally I have never used a C.V. to gain employment, nor will I ever as I can not demonstrate dishonesty knowing potential employers crave honesty, maybe this could help explain why I personally have been self employed / retired for over a decade, it is far easier to make your own work, than it is to sell yourself to somebody else who claims to have work available.

Of course the real problem is the fact there are less jobs available today than of say 20 years ago, technology has taken a lot of jobs, I mean we have automated the building of cars, this contributed to the closure of English car maker TVR, we have also semi automated farming as farmers today most just jump in a tractor and hook up some device or other to do the farming for them, where will it end? will we see the world adopt a Venus project type ethos, or will you lot remain slaves to those who believe they have some stored value, when the reality is they have only accumulated the iou’s of debtors. I don’t want a job for financial gain unlike the 99%. I am bored senseless and want something useful to occupy my time, but I will not be deceptive in my search for a new pastime, that is not in my nature and I should not be coerced into becoming deceptive in nature, this is a moral issue that only very few recognise and appreciate, this is bad news for humanity as a whole we are literally devolving back to pre cavemen, unfortunately the masses are too blind to see it though, they are too wrapped up with collecting these worthless iou’s that are created from thin air.

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