Scrap and Obsolete Laptop Batteries, Why you are Stupidly over Charging and Over Paying

Originally published 10/11/2016 14:11

Right so I think its about time somebody explained or at least tried to explain why so many idiots are over paying for scrap and obsolete laptop battery packs, putting it bluntly its partly supply and demand, but more so the sellers being greedy knowing the demand is currently high due to various YouTube projects. Scrap on lithium from 18650 cells is currently around $25000 per ton, that is $25 per kilo which equates to around 666 cells based on 1.5 gram of lithium per cell, your average laptop battery pack will contain 6x 18650 cells, so to get $25 dollars worth of lithium from 18650 cells you will need about 666 of the things or 111 laptop battery packs, I don’t see the point in calculating the steel value as steel is only fetching around £30 a ton or $40 a ton give or take, so even though you wound expect 40 grams of steel from an 18650 the value is negligible, we all know its the lithium that counts, but the value of it is still pennies, compared to the prices you see joblots of laptop battery packs selling for on the dreaded evilbay, these packs are all advertised as faulty or untested, yet they are appearing to be sold for over £3 per battery pack, this is lunacy especially when you have processed many packs yourself, and know on average you only find 2 good cells per battery pack, the other 4 are almost always scrap and unusable..

I find it slightly amusing that these sellers sell these battery packs then a few days later they get relisted, I’m more annoyed by this than anything though, as they are clearly getting a mate to shill bid on their listings, which not only makes these things appear to be more valuable than they actually are, but they are actually paying seller fees for the final value fee and listing fee’s, they either love wasting advertising fees, or they have money to literally throw down the drain, it is in no business interest to be wasting money in an attempt to sell a product for 10x its value, this is literally contributing to the rise in prices of everything and needs to be stopped.

To cut a long story short, at most these 6 cell battery packs are worth £0.30 each, I was happy to pay £0.50 per battery pack, but due to the greed of sellers and the stupidity of apparent buyers I will now only pay scrap value and not a penny more, you are not doing any of us any favours by over paying or over charging, you are simply creating a situation where we never recycle a single gram of lithium, as there will be no point in setting up a refinery, when nobody will accept scrap value for these things, meaning the refineries wont be able to run, which in turn pushes up the price of mined lithium, but will not increase the price of scrap, due to the expense involved in processing the things, think carefully before you over pay please guys.

One last thing of note before anybody tries correcting me, yes there are tiny amounts of gold on the BMS of the laptop battery packs, no dispute there, however to recover that tiny amount of gold you will need, a, hundreds if not thousands of these things, b, chemicals that will likely cost you more than the value of the actual recovered gold. Now don’t try telling me gold will continue to rise for ever as the currency in circulation says otherwise, as long as they are printing money in the form of quantitative easing, they are reducing the value of gold, a literal dilution of its value :/

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