Tricky’s bigger picture, a conglomeration of possibilities. The Ultimate Conspiracy.

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This post is not for the shallow minded, it is not meant to portray my beliefs rather a possibility that does not seem to have achieved conspiracy status as yet.

So with this post im going to discuss many topics, with the aim to link them all into one giant picture, im not saying im right on this, but im thinking what if? Anything is possible right?… In no particular order, the pictures im going to attempt to merge are as follows.

Noah’s arc

Spirit science

Flat earth theorem



Star trek





And probably many other topics that I’m struggling to recall.

OK so what if. This might take some extreme imagination but what if the Sun is actually the planet earth, providing our Light and some heat from a giant garbage fire. It is already common knowledge that us humans are extremely wasteful, a far cry from anything resembling sustainability. We have a global garbage problem, landfills are as good as over flowing, and this is within around 100 years of modern technology. They say history repeats itself, now thinking about the spirit science videos and the explanation of what happened to Atlantis, it is highly probable that Atlantis did not in fact sink, but it was used by Noah when he created his arc. For this to be true Noah would have had to be some kind of magician, otherwise would have needed technology far greater advanced than the technology we have at our disposal today. I don’t care what you believe your entitled to your own beliefs, but I have unanswered questions that are leading me into procrastination which may as well be another evil. Being blunt we are told that the sun is some 93 million miles away, when maths tells us the sun is only about 3000 miles away (light rays through clouds, trigonometry) we are also told we orbit the sun which would be easily explained by way of a magnetic field, substantiated by the poles (something has to keep us in orbit right?) if there was nothing tethering us to the sun knowing what we know about space from science, then we would be in some distant part of space with no sun or moon and we would not be able to predict the alternate planetary locations, or the days or even seasons for that matter.

I’m of the thought that dinosaurs did not actually go extinct, they could still exist as could the giants, just maybe Noah cast such a powerful spell that he actually created the arc around what was once known as Atlantis, which basically banished the dinosaurs and the giants and anything else that would be detrimental to humanities survival from the magical realm in which we reside, now known as the planet earth. Maybe geography could substantiate this theory, when I was at school learning geography we were taught that all continents were 1 giant land mass many years ago, as was Atlantis. Yes this could also be me clutching at straws but bear with me, I have a ton of knowledge to share. I’m kind of thinking here about all the age old sayings, and how they have truth in their words, like too many cooks spoil the broth, but a more fitting saying is “since the arc” and isn’t it funny we have little to no so called history prior to the bible, we all know history is nothing more than “his story as seen by the conquering party”, yet around 2000 years ago is where history seems to start, what caused this I ask, book burnings maybe, whilst that is a possibility I find it highly unlikely as people were not learning how to read until they needed to back in the 1200’s when parliament was created and people had to pay other people to read the so called laws for them so they knew if they were in the right or the wrong, which led to the famous witch burnings that we were all taught about in school, only we were not taught that the witches were in fact politicians and so called law makers, casting their spells to enslave humanity, a bit like what is currently going on if you see the bigger picture.

I’m literally butchering together the films Wall-E, Passengers, star trek and the series Farscape here, its almost as if they are trying to tell us something without telling us, thinking of back to the future predicting 9/11 along with the Simpsons prediction also, its not like its a secret those at the top like to rub our noses in it. Now thinking about Wall-E this is set on a giant spaceship that can not return to earth as plants simply will not grow, sounds the same as the earth being on fire in my head, we still can not go back just like the crew of the axiom, now if we add in the concept of Passengers, again we have a giant spaceship transporting human colonists from a dying planet to a new planet, again this could be what Noah’s arc was designed for, but we have no way of knowing, we can only speculate here, but it sure as hell makes for interesting reading, then we have Farscape and star trek, I’m only using these for the alien breads we are shown, as evolution does not fit, if we honestly came from monkeys which still exist today, where are the Neanderthals that came from the monkeys? your not telling me they all died out and made way for the next mutation, if evolution is true then the powers that be must have all these Neanderthals hidden away, maybe in some monstrous underground complex if not a city, think area 51 and the state to state tunnels in America, I’m not saying this is fact, but certainly a possibility assuming evolution is 100% accurate. I’m not convinced on evolution myself, whilst it all seems to fit, something just does not feel right. Science tells us DNA is basically a self executing recipe that repairs our injuries albeit slowly, but they do say time is a great healer, we know its not just the time though, as we could conduct a medical study on 2 humans, where we give them both a dose of the flu, and feed 1 human all fresh produce and the other infected human on reprocessed food, we already know the fresh produce consuming human will be in a better state of health faster than the reprocessed food consuming human, this basically shows us how fresh food is better for us, notice how its getting too expensive to eat fresh produce? or even better have you noticed products disappearing from supermarket shelves, almost like they are making it so only certified slaves can purchase certain items, they are literally making a society where you all need to be qualified to do what ever it is you wish to do, which is complete madness as if I can not buy my own raw ingredients then I can not cook for myself, which will force me to go out for food and pay double what it would have cost me to cook at home, and would be half the quality I would generate myself, you cant expect somebody else to cook your food the way you expect it, this is a personal endeavour that you must complete yourself, unless your happy paying twice the price for half the quality rush cooked food but I digress..

So, so far we have the image of Atlantis, raised from the earth and cocooned by what science tells us is the planets ozone layer, or what radio engineers call the ionosphere, but could just be Noah’s magical arc, which has been tethered to the sun by way of what can only be assumed as a magnetic field, as we are surrounded by magnetism, then for safety the arc is launched about 3000 miles away from the giant fireball and kept in orbit, separating what we now know as earth and the real earth where the dinosaurs still reside, maybe that’s why it never goes out, the dinosaurs could all be fire breathers after all, or it could just be another of Noah’s spells, maybe we are not meant to know or learn this stuff, and it has been hidden so well that we can never know the truth. This brings me onto the illegal psychedelic drugs such as LSD and DMT, both are highly illegal and both will show you the real world in which you reside, cutting a long story short have you ever or have you ever heard of people saying the walls are melting whilst experiencing a trip?, this is reality literally breaking through your belief system, you see it is my belief that we are all unique for good reason, in the book of genesis there is a quote apparently of god, “I make you in my own image” yet we are all unique, we are all individual with the exception of identical twins, we all have our own images, this tells me we are all gods especially thinking back to mythological times when they had gods of this that and the other, until that was outlawed by a Pharaoh if memory serves me, outlawed purely to enslave and distract the people away from living, whilst at the same time subjugated into following the so called laws of the Pharaoh, are you starting to see a pattern here yet? its true, history does repeat itself its just a case of weather your looking for the repetition or distracted by so called laws, or conspiracy theories.

Whilst I appreciate this could be the mother of all conspiracies, I still say what if, what if the meaning of life really is to give life a meaning, what if that meaning is learning how to re-inhabit the real planet earth that we know to be the sun, of course I appreciate if this is the case we could destroy our entire planet or arc or what ever you believe us to be in, as the sun is what we believe to be sustaining us, but is it?, it could just be some incantation or magic of some sort, and if that is the case then that can be recreated, maybe not easily but maybe so too thinking of the mystery schools and the secret societies, what do they know that we don’t apart from a lot lol, now I care not if you believe the flat earth theory or the heliocentric model, both theories fit this possibility the true earth could be a giant spinning globe whilst our magical realm could be the flat earth under the dome, we just do not know, but we do know that we have been told a pack of lies over satellites, we know that satellite TV is signals reflected off the ionosphere from ground based satellites, we also know that 1 of the space telescopes actually do not exist from a phone call from Stanford student to a professor who allegedly worked on Sofia / Hubble YouTube Link then we have the fact that all NASA imagery is admittedly fabricated, and then we have the current Orion project that can not traverse the Van Allen belt of radiation, yet they allegedly landed human life on the moon almost 50 years ago, why cant they use the same technology as 50 years ago, pretty sure the Van Allen belt has not grown or magically appeared since the alleged moon landing..

I’m going to call this a day for now, if you like what you read and feel you can add to, or maybe educate my outlook feel free to comment, i may add to this later!

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