What really grinds my gears, Post number 1.

This Post is intended to be light hearted humour.

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After much deliberation about content which is created by me. I have come to the conclusion IĀ need to make regular post’s of the same topic, so I have decided to make this my regular topic as my randomness must be blatantly evident by now.

After a visit from a plumber, this is what really grinds my gears…

Workmen who assume you are a slave just like them!

So I recently had a plumber out to quote a job, and we we were talking like you do. The topic was mostly conspiracy orientated and we shared many thoughts and opinions. Before he left he passed a comment about “my wife” his words not mine, when I replied with

“that’s slave mentality”

he actually asked me why I thought that, so when I responded with

“the worst thing you can do with a relationship, is to get the government involved”

I instinctively got the impression I had offended him as he gave me a puzzled look and then quickly made his escape.

Concluding the matter.

To be completely blunt and to the point, even tradesmenĀ tell you what they think you want to hear. The truth speakers are a dying breed, and this displeases me.

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Thank you for stopping by and spending your time reading what I have written for you. Hopefully you have enjoyed this little rant of mine, I enjoyed writing it whilst learning the Markdown styling too.

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