About Tricky

Hi my name is Tricky and I’m the owner of this Domain.

This Domain was initially created as the home of a British Bitcoin Mining Pool, But has become my own personal Blog with the Bitcoin mining Running in the background. Eventually I will make the Mining Pool Public and available for anybody to Mine here supporting Bitcoin Core. The public Pool was originally taken down back in April 2016 due to Problems with electricity supplies.

…So who am I and where did I come from, I hear you thinking…

Well I am a true English Man who helped build the Internet and basically never left. I am a huge advocate of free speech and our many other rights. I am a strong believer that governments are a threat to our rights and the true Slave masters, who use many tools to their advantage, the biggest tool in their arsenal being Money, closely followed by the Workforce but this will all be found in the contents of my blog once fully migrated.

I could write an entire Biography here, but I wont bore you too much. Please feel free to have a good look around the site and leave any comments you feel are needed, your comments are welcomed and will not be suppressed, however I will redact potentially dangerous links.

You can find my YouTube channel Here Should you Be further interested in me and my outlook.

You can also contact me directly and privately at LordTricky@wemine.uk