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Finally some common sense coming from Westminster…

Well Stated Jacob…

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What is a Name

Originally publish 10/10/2016 11:56 OK so there seems to be a great deal of confusion surrounding names, so I thought id blog about them. What is a name in the real world, its an identifier and is commonly a single word, … Continue reading

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Real Law

Originally published 06/10/2016 09:11 I am seriously getting fucked off with brainwashed retarded website owners, illegally and unlawfully forcing contractual acceptance under duress, any deemed contract your forced to accept online can not be upheld nor enforced, due to the very real … Continue reading

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Welcome to Trickyland

Originally published 02/10/2016 19:35 Right so I’ve set this latest thing up due to jewbook and their criminality, do none of these website owners realise we are on the internet, where international law rules, you know like when you go … Continue reading

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