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What do we want, that was voted for???

Here we have a politician actually telling the truth!!! I will also offer to go to brussels and do the negotiating for the British Brexiteers, I personally guarantee, No deals, No trade, No aeroplanes and most importantly, No expense!!!

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Bitcoin’s Impending Fork, What you need to know…

                     So as of August the first, the powers that be are expected to cause a fork in the Bitcoin block chain. This is good news for some, and terrible news … Continue reading

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Scrap and Obsolete Laptop Batteries, Why you are Stupidly over Charging and Over Paying

Originally published 10/11/2016 14:11 Right so I think its about time somebody explained or at least tried to explain why so many idiots are over paying for scrap and obsolete laptop battery packs, putting it bluntly its partly supply and demand, … Continue reading

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7.8 billion people on the planet, a matter of perception.

Originally published 10/11/2016 13:19 Today I’m having a vent about people and their perceptions, what they think and how it actually is in real life… So I was recently told that my desire for free society, without any methods of trade … Continue reading

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Money, Value and worthless concepts

Originally published 19/10/2016 18:39 What do you believe is the only thing you own? I believe the only thing I own is my time, and my time is very very precious, I would not sell an hour of my time for … Continue reading

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Anarchist Political Broadcast for England

Originally published 12/10/2016 11:31 Are you seriously going to tolerate any more of this retarded guberment terrorism?? Are you seriously going to tolerate being the most expensive place on the planet to live?? Did you know that to buy 600 grams of … Continue reading

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Currency, Money, Value and Worth, vs Your Only Owned Asset that is Time.

Originally published 04/10/2016 12:25 Today I’m going to moan about this worthless currency you have been enslaved by. So the powers that be have really taken a firm grip over your time using this thin air creation of the bankers, and … Continue reading

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Welcome to Trickyland

Originally published 02/10/2016 19:35 Right so I’ve set this latest thing up due to jewbook and their criminality, do none of these website owners realise we are on the internet, where international law rules, you know like when you go … Continue reading

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