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What do we want, that was voted for???

Here we have a politician actually telling the truth!!! I will also offer to go to brussels and do the negotiating for the British Brexiteers, I personally guarantee, No deals, No trade, No aeroplanes and most importantly, No expense!!!

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more removal of free speech

romanbar984065hin General discussionSpam297e! Scammer Retiring So I have been a full time scammer. I am retiring and I just wanted to thank the community for extraordinary support. I thought of having a brief question and answer session, just in case … Continue reading

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The Evidence of Multiple Accounts, Controlled by 1 entity

 LordTricky2h…/continuing ignorant retards, stop marking my posts as spam, any body wants to continue the conversation its over here Like Daimon1h! Maybe it is spam? Like LordTricky1hSpam far from it, i eventually got an answer to my question, and … Continue reading

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LordTricky1hin UKSpam42e Can anybody see local cash trades outside of london looking for a cash buyer, but im only finding adverts for london, am i missing something? bank holiday maybe? less… tuckerlee1hSpam! Your missing lots… 1hSpam! Mostly common sense. LordTricky1hSpam … Continue reading

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